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What is P&L Business Partners?

Think of us as your very own in-house Finance Partner. We are essentially an outsourced or third-party Commercial Accountant, Finance Manager and CFO for small businesses, offering an affordable alternative to employing in-house finance support.


Why have you started P&L Business Partners?

Unlike large businesses, most small businesses don't receive enough finance support from experienced and knowledgeable finance professionals invested in the success of their business, as they don't have the luxury of in-house finance support. As qualified Accountants and experienced Finance Managers, we want to fill this gap.

How does P&L Business Partners differ to my regular Accountant?

Most small businesses tend to only see their Accountant for tax and compliance purposes and not for support on the operational side of the business. These visits and/or phone calls also tend to be irregular. We want to fill that gap by focusing on the overall operational and financial performance and will be readily available to support with any day-to-day finance queries.

What support can P&L Business Partners provide?

We get to know you, your business and tailor our services and reporting to what your business needs. We will be focused on identifying any opportunities to improve your business. 

Our services include regular financial reporting and meetings, cashflow and stock management, BAS lodgements, bookkeeping and management accounting, budgeting, forecasting and business growth strategy reviews. We are also readily available to support with any day-to-day finance queries, including scenario analysis to allow for informed and timely decision making. 

What type of small businesses does P&L Business Partners support?

Most small businesses would benefit from the support that we provide, especially businesses that currently do not have in-house finance professionals.

How can my business benefit by partnering with P&L Business Partners vs hiring in-house finance support?

In-house finance support can be expensive, it has limited flexibility and comes with many risks. There are costs additional to the base salary for an employee such as superannuation, insurances, leave entitlements, office costs and training costs. We offer an affordable alternative to hiring in-house finance support. 

In addition to the cost, finding the right team member can be challenging at times and the employee may not have suitable skills, knowledge and experience. We have decades of combined finance experience, most spent in senior positions, giving us the knowledge and skillset to support small businesses. We also offer flexibility to increase and decrease the level of support and no lock-in contracts.

What is the fee structure for small businesses partnering with P&L Business Partners?

We offer a fixed monthly pricing model, so there are no surprises. As each business is different, we tailor our services to the needs and budget of each business. We offer two key packages that should suit most small businesses, a standard and premium package. Both packages can also be tailored to your business needs.

What are the differences between the standard and premium package?

The standard package offers quarterly reporting and meetings, for the businesses that want to be more across the business performance, while understanding any opportunities and/or risks. 

The premium package offers monthly reporting and meetings and is suitable for businesses that require an increased level of finance support. We are available for any day-to-day finance queries, scenario analysis and available to provide any ad-hoc reporting on a much more regular basis, such as cashflow reviews. 

How can I find out more about the support that P&L Business Partners can provide my business? 

We are contactable via phone, email, our socials or you can fill out the contact us form and we can reach out to you.

We would start with a coffee catch up to learn more about your business and the support you require. 

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